I didn’t know what I was doing?

Until the last meeting I hadn’t heard of a Medallion quilt, but I’d  had a go without realising it, a while back.  I wanted to make a cushion for a wooden chair and started off with a single block using a  kaleidoscope fabric.

I had no idea what I was going to do next or what effect I wanted to achieve other than the size of the cushion pad. It was quite liberating not to be restricted by a pattern or making the same block over and over again.

Making a cushion is a good opportunity to play around with colours, scale of fabric designs and pattern pieces.

….and the end result is a lot quicker …..

Anne Mitchell

PS..Chairs note –  next months workshop with Jenny Barlow is ‘Medallion Quilt’!

Anne+084 pic fir bkig

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Nava met her predecessor this month!

For someone who has been dropped in the deep end to be The Guild Miniature Group Coordinator, I was so glad to be able to hear Julia’s talk on the 9th April. I had limited knowledge on miniature quilts and Julia gave us instructions on all the things one needs like what material and wadding to use, and ways you could make miniature quilts. She generously shared her skills with us and was so inspiring. I have always admired Julia’s work and now want to make a few more miniature quilts. I hope some of you will take up the challenge and make one too. Thanks Julia for you inspiring talk.

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Skills sharing day including help for beginners May 2nd

We’ve managed to book an extra day at Rookley this year on Saturday May 2nd which will be open to everyone to come and sit and sew and help each other if needed.  As we have so many new members some of whom are fairly new to quilting we will have a little ‘teach – in’ for them and other beginners  going on at the same time.  I have all ready given a requirements list to Pam for the beginners and am about to make a plan for myself for the day!  We will cover very basic skills and ideas – some of which I wish I had known a few years ago but have only learnt myself recently.  I hope you will feel able to come and that it turns out to be either very useful or  too easy for you!  Phone Pam (her phone number is on your membership card) for more information or talk to her at the April meeting.  Sue Orchin

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April workshop

Just to let everyone know there are still a few places left on the April workshop with Julia Gahagan.  I’ve just seen  the requirements list and it looks like everyone would be able to take part – even beginners – and it will only involve small pieces of fabric.  The only item which members might not have (apart from those Julia has said she can supply if necessary) is probably a piece of lightweight sew in vilene.  The little houses look delightful so come on all you ladies who shy away from workshops because you fear you are ‘ not good enough’ or  ‘I am only a beginner’ – this could be the workshop for you to learn something slightly different,  make some more friends and produce a lovely small wallhanging!  Just get in touch with Pam Hemming to find out more.  (Her phone number is on your membership card)

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Who brought a pinny?

Actually Alison Hulme brought lots of pinnies when she came to talk to us in March! She is currently addicted to printing on fabric and making pinnies by the score! Most of us were amazed at how sprightly her husband looked in the nude!

I need to explain that Alison needed a nude model for some work she had to do towards her textile degree a little while ago and so as part of her talk ‘My Life in Stitches’ she showed us the picture of him she had used – a rear view one! The title of her talk was very apt as at times we were in stitches!

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What could you give the girl who has everything?

I’m Anne Mitchell and new Vectis quilters committee member.

Just thought I’d attempt my first blog for the web site. It’s rather nice to have the opportunity to jot ideas down and put them out there without the pressure of doing it every week as some bloggers do. I don’t know where they find the time to regularly blog ….. to be creative ….and do everything else!!!!

Anyway, we’ve rented our house out and moved to a two bed flat in Ryde – so I haven’t got my lovely workroom any more, just a small table in the corner of our bedroom. Luckily we’ve got a divan bed so patchwork bits are in there, close at hand. So I’ve decided to make small patchworks and appliqués as I haven’t got much room to spread things out.

I love hand embroidery, appliqué and quilting and I’ve made a few things in the past. The workshop with Madeleine Millington was particularly good fun and very stress free – working with tiny pieces of coloured blankets and bright embroidery threads.

Last summer I also completed an appliqué box designed by the Japanese quilter Yoko Saito.

Anne Mitchell's box

Little projects like these are great for popping in your bag and taking on holiday with you. Careful taking needles and scissors through airport customs, I’ve been quite lucky so far. I finished this little box around the time of a good friend’s 50th birthday. Her husband was very generously hosting us in Venice to celebrate her birthday. Now what could you give the girl who has everything? I gave her my box! So now I must make another one for myself.

I’ll let you know how I get on.

Bye for now Anne

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Update from the Chair

Wholecloth free motion quilting and thread painting

Wholecloth free motion quilting and thread painting

I am feeling excited at the moment as the website is currently being updated – as you may have seen it got ‘stuck’ in early 2014 and has not changed since!

In addition we have just started to plan for our exhibition in May in Ryde, so I have just updated the entry forms and trying to prepare the paper work.

This last week has seem me preparing a requirements list for the beginners coming to our skill sharing day now booked for May 2nd

Personally I am currently trying to make a patchwork waistcoat/gillet from fabric I ‘made’ at Ann Underwood’s workshop in February. We used up lots of scraps sewing them together at all sorts of angles, gradually building up quite large pieces. In fact one member joined rather larger pieces together on the day producing a piece would have well covered a cot! Unfortunately I cut out the pieces using a jacket pattern and it is far too big so I have to unpick and re cut!

That has been a diversion from the main piece I am working on at the moment which is a picture taken by my husband printed on to fabric by fingerprintfabric.com. I love free motion quilting so I am trying to produce a different wholecloth quilt by emphasising the grain of the floorboards and the shine and contours of the young woman’s hair and body.

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2015 Exhibition entry forms now available

Our Exhibition this year is at the Methodist Church, Garfield Road, Ryde – 22 to 25th May and will accompany their flower show.

Their theme this year is ‘Holidays’, which will be the theme for our Challenge. This is open to all Vectis Quilters members and should be a 2D item no larger than 24” square to be handed in no later than the May meeting.

Find out more here.

An entry from the exhibition last year.

a IMG_50531000

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My quilts have travelled more than I have

Underwater dream by Nava Young

Underwater dream by Nava Young

I wanted to incorporate the Bargello technique when making this quilt. So the background inspired me to make it wavy. Then I machine appliquéd the fishes and the reefs and sandy seabed. This quilt was machine based.

This quilt was sent to the World Quilt Shows in USA to Manchester, New Hampshire Sept 2014, Pennsylvania National Quilt, Extravaganza, Oaks, Pennsylvania, Quilt Fest, Oasis, Palm Springs, California, Pacific International Quilt Festival, Santa Clara, California, World Quilt Show, West Palm Beach, Florida Jan 2015.

My quilt has been to more places in USA than I have!

Circle of Life by Nava Young

Circle of Life by Nava Young

This quilt has been made using several techniques. I started with the centre and the black part started as a square and then became a circle. The spiral was attached using a bias tape. Then the overlapping circles and the little circles inside were added using bondaweb, The background was strip pieced and I used the embroidery stitches on my new Brother machine. The whole piece was then layed on the background using bias tape.

I made this quilt for Sandown. My mum passed away and I left for Malaysia. A couple of my friends knew I was working on it. So they took it and entered the quilt. That year a well know quilter entered 3 quilts in this catergory and won the first, second and third prize. I was awarded the judges merit for my quilt. The funny part is that my quilt was taken with a needle on the front and came back with it still there.

Nava Young

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Cowes week exhibition 2014

This years exhibition will be at St Mary’s Church in Cowes during Cowes Week.  We hope to see all you sailors and partners during the week as well as lots of other visitors to the town.  Do come and visit and support our raffle in aid of the Kissy Puppy Appeal to provide hospice care on the Island for children at Mountbatten Hospice.   We will arrange delivery if you win regardless of where you live!

The Hobbits ( a small group from Vectis Quilters) have made a beautiful double bed quilt designed by Anya Townrow a well known quilter.  Vendulka from Oliven’s in Ryde quilted the top.

The exhibition runs from Saturday 2nd August until Saturday 9th August from 10.00am until 4.00pm most days.

The display promises to be interesting with traditional and contemporary quilts accompanied by  wall hangings and bags.


Members Challenge …  any 2D item not larger than 25 inches square on the theme of Summer Time.


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Photos from our show 2013 show

Vectis show at Ventnor FringeA big thank you to everyone who gave their time and support for our latest show at Ventnor Fringe. With over 200 visitors over the four days we had some great feedback and comments with visitors thrilled with the variety of work on display.

Thank you to everyone who gave their creations to put into the show and here are some photos of all the great work that was made…

[print_gllr id=800]

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Our 2012 Charity Quilt

Like many quilters worldwide, Vectis Quilters get involved with making quilts for charity.  Our 2012 Summer Exhibition at Ventnor Botanical Gardens saw over 90 items exhibited by our members. We also created a stunning quilt which was raffled in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust in Southampton and were very pleased to raise £2250 for the charity.

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2012 Summer Exhibition

Our 2012 Summer Exhibition at Ventnor Botanical Gardens saw over over 90 items exhibited by our members.

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